Electric bike brand Cowboy unleashes models with higher top speeds, but UK fans miss out

Both Cowboy 4 and Cowboy 4 ST (Step Through) cost £2,290 (€2,490) which includes built-in mudguards. But in the United States, Cowboy plans to make a splash with a new promotional price for its new models, which will start from just $1,990. For comparison, that’s around £1,400 when converted back to Sterling.

Not only that, but the US models of the Cowboy 4 and Cowboy 4 ST will have a higher top speed, with the motor cutting out after you hit 20 mph (32 km/h). In the UK and mainland Europe, the law prevents electric bikes from giving you a push beyond 15.5mph (24.9km/h). So, the US variants will be a little faster on the road, although they’ll be powered by the same size battery pack and hardware under the bonnet, so don’t expect to travel longer distances on the American Cowboy. 

source: express.co.uk