Gordon Ramsay left in tears after daughter Tilly's Strictly debut: 'He cried'

Saturday was the first week of Strictly Come Dancing 2021, where each contestant took to the dancefloor with their partner to show they had what it took to win the glitterball trophy.
Tilly Ramsay was one of the 15 celebrities to take part in the BBC dance competition and later revealed her father, Gordon Ramsay cried after watching her debut.

In the Strictly Come Dancing companion show, It Takes Two, competitor Tilly Ramsay and her professional dance partner Nikita Kuzmin sat down with host Rylan Clarke to dish out some inside information about her journey in the competition.

During the conversation about her performance, a clip of her mother Tana Ramsay was shown where she was seen wiping tears after watching Tilly’s debut.

This led to Rylan asking about her father, famous TV chef Gordan Ramsay’s reaction.

To which she revealed: “Dad didn’t watch it till after because he was away – he said that he cried as well.”

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Craig told her: “It lacked for me, expression in the arms, but you told a very sweet story and it was believable and I appreciated that.”

Whilst Shirley commented on her footwork: “’I enjoyed the very small details, it was poised it was extremely mature, as with the footwork I don’t know I’m looking at the same thing as I’m looking at,” overall she said, ”I thought you did a majority of the heel correctly, a job well done.”

Rylan asked Nikita what they would do to work on the feedback and he revealed: “Going forward I think we’re just going to work on it harder and harder.”

“Look at all the other couples, there is such a high standard, everybody did so well in week one, so now we have to rock it,” he added.

Ahead of the upcoming episode of Strictly Come Dancing Tilly and Nikita will be taking centre stage to perform The Charleston.

In preparation for the dance, Tilly said: “It’s completely different to the Waltz, which I kind of love because I feel like this is a good one to show more character.”

“Maybe it’s a bit more me and what I’m used to, which would be nice,” she added.

Hopefully, Saturday’s episode will have Gordon join Tana in the audience and so viewers can get to see his live reaction.

Strictly Come Dancing continues every Saturday at 7pm on BBC One.

source: express.co.uk