Emmanuel Macron humiliated as French leader 'certainly won't fill Angela Merkel' role'

Emmanuel Macron’s dream of replacing the outgoing Angela Merkel as the leading figure in the European Union has been dashed by political commentator, Professor Jean Bricmont. The Belgium-based academic has told RT that the French President “certainly won’t fill that Merkel role.” It comes as Angela Merkel is to step down as  German Chancellor after 16-years in office amid a narrow election defeat for her governing CDU party in last weekend’s elections.

Professor Bricmont told Russia Today: “There is a very strong Atlantist movement in France, the so-called liberals like Liberacion, Le Monde, the Greens, the Socialist Party ectera.

“Who has also been very pro-American and anti-Russia, and Macron I think he is sort of somewhat in-between.

“Macron doesn’t have a clear idea what to do or how to do it.

He added: “I don’t agree that Merkel was the leader of Europe, I mean she was in a sense because Germany is so powerful.

“But maybe her successor will be the leader of Europe, I don’t know 

“I mean Macron certainly is not going to fulfill that role.”

It comes as President Macron was forced to build stronger military ties with Greece after France was left out of AUKUS.

Britain, the US, and Australia announced the pact earlier this month as part of a wider strategy for combating China. 

The French President has also called on EU countries to stop being “nieve” on the issue of defense.

Addressing a press conference on Tuesday, President Macron said: “European’s must stop being nieve when we are feeling increased pressure from foreign powers to react. 

He also called on European countries to “show we have the power and capacity to defend ourselves doesn’t meet escalating tensions.”

“It is simply a way to gain respect.”

source: express.co.uk