Google Chromecast, Pixel and Nest gadgets get HUGE price drop …but you need to be fast

Google is celebrating its birthday with some incredible deals on its devices, including the latest Google Pixel smartphones, Pixelbook Go laptop, Nest security cameras, Pixel Buds earbuds, and more. Google is offering customers the chance to drop price tags by an impressive 20 percent with the code GOOGLEBDAY at checkout …with an even bigger discount available to those prepared to hunt around the online store.

Yes, Google has hidden another discount code somewhere on the pages of its Google Store retail pages. Shoppers need to dust-off their Where’s Wally skills to hunt for a small blue present hidden on the store. Clicking on this parcel will reveal a new discount code that slashes prices by 23 percent on select items for a limited time.

(If you’re struggling to find the hidden present yourself… you can use the code GOOGLEBDAY23 at checkout to unlock the bigger discount on select devices)

The discounted products include the Nest Hub Max, Nest Hub, Nest Doorbell, Nest Wifi mesh Wi-Fi system, Stadia game controller, Pixel Buds A- series wireless earbuds, Google Pixel 5, and Pixelbook Go. The Pixel 4a, Nest Audio, and regular Chromecast are also eligible for the limited time price drop.

However, Google isn’t reducing the code of any Fitbit fitness trackers (the search engine bought the company earlier this year), most recent Chromecast with Google TV streaming dongle, or new Nest Cam and Nest Doorbell.