Clash of Clans update: Supercell provides new guide on how to update

Developers Supercell has released a guide on the best way to download the new Clash of Clans update.

Launched today as part of the game’s next big expansion, the new Clash patch should be available for everyone to download.

However, problems have been flagged and it looks some gamers can’t find the option to update Clash of Clans via normal channels.

Supercell has provided a workaround, although it’s unclear if this will help everyone who is suffering issues today.

The guide from Supercell reads: “Android players experiencing issues w/latest update (can’t find update in Store): please go to Play store directly & type Clash of Clans in search bar, this will hopefully make the new update visible to you.

“If it persists: Settings > Apps > Google Play Store > Clear Cache.”

“Additionally, we are aware of the Legend League reset issue and we’re currently investigating the matter. We’ll follow up as soon as we have more information! Apologies for the hassle.”

No matter the issues facing gamers today, the new Autumn update will eventually reach everyone, even if there is a bit of a longer wait for some.

And below you can find out what new stuff has been added to the game, including the new Clash of Clans Super Trooper:


The Super Bowler takes up greater Housing Space, has higher stats, and also costs more to train. However, the Super Bowler has an extra advantage over his non-Super colleague. When Super Bowler attacks, his rock ball bounces one extra time for a total of 3 impacts of damage.

Super Bowler is the perfect damage dealer for those funnel kill-teams or clearing Defenses that are just outside the range of your regular Bowlers. With that extra bounce of his bowling ball, the amount of devastation you can deliver makes the Super Bowler the new Kingpin. Yes…that was one last bowling term.


Additionally, we’ve got a couple Quality of Life improvements we’ll also be releasing in this update. Check them out below!

Gain XP for Donating Troops in Wars & War Leagues

You will now gain XP when you donate Troops during Wars and War Leagues, but not during Friendly Wars. The amount of XP earned is based on the donated Troops at the start of the Battle Day. Farming XP by removing donations and repeatedly requesting troops will not be possible. All XP from Troop donations are earned when Preparation Day ends. The amount of XP gained is the same as for other donations.

Hero Skin Randomizer

When enabled, the Hero Skin Randomizer will randomly apply a different Hero Skin each time you load your Home Village, choosing from a list of skins you’ve selected to be on rotation.

The Hero Skin Randomizer can be activated from the Hero Skin UI, found on each pedestal of your available Heroes. Setting the Randomizer to “On”, you will need to select which of your unlocked skins you want in rotation. Any skins not selected will be excluded from the Randomizer’s cycle.