Sophia Loren feud: The truth behind the infamous picture with Jayne Mansfield 

Sophia Lauren, 87, has spoken out about her famous side eye she gave to Jayne Mansfield. Sophia skyrocketed to fame in 1955 and was one of the main faces of the Golden Age of Hollywood. 

The famous actress has had this infamous side eye follow her throughout her career. 

In the picture, Jayne can be seen smiling to the camera, whereas Sophia is judgmentally staring at Sophia’s chest. 

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly in 2014 Sophia revealed the truth behind the picture. 

She explained that Paramount had organised a night for the actress, and Jayne was the last to arrive at the event. 

When Jayne arrived she went straight to Sophia’s table as she knew that was where the cameras were. 

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She was a major sex symbol in the 1950s and 60s, being one of the first PlayboyPlaymates and was known for her wardrobe malfunctions. 

Jayne took her name from her first marriage with public relations professional Paul Mansfield, however this was not her only marriage. 

The star was married and divorced three times, and had five children.

Sophia, likewise, is an American actress with a lot of success under her belt.