Older drivers can enjoy extra campervan and motorhome freedoms due to licence rule

According to experts at PaulCamper, those who passed their test before 1997 can drive vehicles up to 4,000kg heavier. The rule could be a blow to many younger families who may be unable to travel in a big campervan due to the driving licence technicality.

Speaking to Express.co.uk, Dirk Fehse, CEO of PaulCamper said drivers needed to “be aware” of the rules before setting off.

He added younger drivers could still get behind the wheel of heavier campervans as long as they take a C1 test.

He said: “You do need to be aware of the size of vehicle you are allowed to drive.

“If you passed your test before January 1, 1997, you can drive a motorhome up to 7500kg on your B+C1 licence.

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They said road users can check their licence status on the back of their plastic driving licence photocard.

They said: “Your driving licence will show the categories you are entitled to drive.

“If you have the older-style paper licence they are clearly listed on the front of your licence.

“On newer licences, they are given on the back of the photocard.”

Those who can tow heavier vehicles should have the Category C section filled in.

Those who cannot drive heavier machines and must stick to the 3,500kg weight limits will only have dates next to category B.

Similar rules currently also exist for caravan owners, where those born before 1997 cannot tow a combined Maximum Authorised mass (MAM) of more than 3,500kg.

However, the DVSA is currently looking into whether it should change caravan rules to scrap tests for those wanting to tow heavier trailers.

The rule would mean drivers no longer need to take a B+E test to tow heavier caravans if they were born before 1997.

The DVSA currently hosts around 30,000 tests a year and there has been a “steady increase” during the pandemic.

The rule change could offer “savings for individuals” and there could also be “some benefits” for businesses.

However, the rule seems to only apply for caravans that can be towed by cars.

There is no mention in the DVSA consultation about any rules changes to campervan or motorhome weight restrictions.

source: express.co.uk