Chris Evans: Virgin Radio host's plea to ill wife as he's forced to skip event

Chris Evans, 55, made an emotional admission on Virgin Radio Breakfast Show today. It comes after the broadcaster explained he had planned to head to Highclere Castle with his co-star’s Vassos Alexander and Rachel Horne.

The presenter explained he may be forced to skip the charity event to look after his wife Natasha Shishmanian.

He revealed behind the scenes he was told by a colleague to skip going altogether.

Chris added he had left notes to his wife before leaving for work and advised her to get some rest.

He explained his other half had difficulty getting out of bed and “opening her eyes hurts”.

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Later in the show, Chris read out a candid message from Dr Emma in Milton Keynes.

He said: “Tash this is from Emma who says, ‘Please pass all of my love to Tash.

“Three days of complete bed rest will do so much good. Just getting up and out. Having 90 minutes here and two minutes here, trying to be half a mum, half a wife and half of a person is not going to work.'”

Chris continued: “This is from Dr Emma in Milton Keynes sweetheart. ‘Ploughing through and try to keep on only elongates the recovery process. It only makes it worse.”