Apple Rejects Move to Restore Fortnite iOS on App Store

lodossrage2h ago

Did any of you read this part of Sweeney’s email he sent?:

“”Epic has asked Apple to reactive our Fortnite development account,” Sweeney’s e-mail read. “Epic promises that it will adhere to Apple’s guidelines whenever and wherever we release products on Apple platforms.”

“Whether Epic chooses to bring Fortnite back to iOS consumers depends on whether and where Apple updates its guidelines to provide for a level playing field between Apple In-App Purchase and other methods of payment,” the e-mail continued.”

It’s like Epic just wants to continuously poke the bear.

That part of the email is basically saying ” We promise to play by the rules, just so long as you make the rules more acceptable to us”.

I hate Apple, but if I were them, I’d tell Sweeney and Epic to F*** off