iOS 15 released tomorrow, but is your iPhone compatible with new blockbuster features?

Apple fans will be treated to the next blockbuster version of iOS tomorrow. Dubbed iOS 15, the new operating system was announced back in June at the firm’s WWDC Developers Conference and includes better FaceTime calls with background noise reduction, improved Apple Maps and a redesigned Safari web browser that’s more streamlined and easy to use.

Other extras include Live Text, which adds the ability to copy-paste any text from within a photo, and Focus Mode, which allows users to switch off certain notifications and change the apps on thier homescreen based on the time of day or what they’re doing – so you can have email alerts when you’re in ‘work’ mode, but disable them completely at home.

Not available at launch, but coming soon is something called SharePlay which will offer the ability to watch movies together with everyone able to interact with the film even if they are on different sides of the world.

SharePlay also works with Apple Music and Apple Fitness+ meaning you can listen to playlists and workout with friends online.

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If you’re wondering exactly when Apple will push out this upgrade it should arrive during the early evening in the UK. Apple never releases a definitive time, but the US firm usually pushes out its iOS updates at around 6pm, so you may want to be near Wi-Fi if you want to be one of the first to get it.

“For many customers, iPhone has become indispensable, and this year we’ve created even more ways it can enhance our daily lives.” said Craig Federighi, Apple’s senior vice president of Software Engineering.

“iOS 15 helps users stay connected while sharing experiences in real time, gives them new tools to help reduce distraction and find focus, uses intelligence to enhance the photos experience, and, with huge upgrades to Maps, brings new ways to explore the world. We can’t wait for customers to experience it.”