How to make a butcher knife to carve up your delicious Valheim pets

Valheim’s butcher knife has a special purpose. It was added in the Hearth and Home update specifically for killing the animals who have fallen in love with you. I know that sounds terrible, but players tame and farm boars, wolves, and lox not just for companionship but for resources. I’m not saying we don’t love our pets, but we also love to turn them into food, clothing, and crafting components, especially since the update added more uses for them.

It used to be that you could kill tamed animals with any old weapon, but that led to a lot of accidental animal deaths during fights with monsters. The Hearth and Home update requires you to turn friendly fire on or your weapons will do zero damage to tamed creatures. And since most people play with friendly fire off, you might want to craft a butcher knife for when it’s time to harvest your flock.

Valheim butcher knife: How to make one