'Takes time to get up to speed' Anne Hegerty talks Chase co-star Darragh Ennis' £75k loss

Anne Hegerty, 63, has spoken to Express.co.uk exclusively about The Chase and her co-stars. The Governess mentioned Darragh Ennis’, 40, huge £75,000 defeat on the ITV game show.

The Governess said: “Every new Chaser takes a bit of time to get up to speed.”

Anne added that The Chase is not filmed in order, and some new episodes are up to two years old.

She said: “The thing is, shows don’t go out in order.

“So that was the first Darragh loss that has been seen, but you know there are others to come.

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There were a number of push backs from the 20-year-old, and this led to Eden narrowly winning the cash prize.

In one of the first episodes Darragh filmed as a Chaser, he allowed a 20-year-old to be the biggest solo winner.

Host Bradley Walsh said: “I can’t believe it! This is incredible, he’s 20 years old and just won £75,000.

“It’s the single highest win in daytime history.”

source: express.co.uk