Lewis Hamilton spotted with OnlyFans model Janet Guzman, as he takes her back to his hotel

Red carpet host Keke Palmer asked Hamilton how his outfit tied into this year’s theme and he said that he felt “really, really fortunate” that Vogue Editor-in-Chief Anna Wintour had agreed to host his table. 

He said: “I’ve brought four incredible, young, Black talented designers,” he said, “so we’ve got a great host of people tonight and it’s about just highlighting beauty and excellence and talent.”

Accompanying Hamilton was American designer Kenneth Nicholson, who created his custom suit complete with a lace calf-length shirt. In an Instagram post, Hamilton said Nicholson’s “craftsmanship and point of view advances menswear in truly inspiring ways”.

After the Gala’s red carpet live stream ended, Vogue played a video with Hamilton talking more about his table and his work in the fashion world. “We’re living in a time where diversity and inclusion is so important and that’s something I’m fighting for in my industry,” he said.

source: express.co.uk