Dr Death: AnnaSophia Robb details why she’s “wary” of doctor visits

Starz’s chilling crime drama follows the story of neurosurgeon Dr Christopher Duntsh aka Dr Death as he illicitly carried out spinal operations, leaving a trail of dead bodies. Express.co.uk exclusively spoke to star AnnaSophia Robb who played assistant district attorney Michelle Shughart and revealed why she’s now “wary” of visiting doctors.

At the beginning of his medical career, Dr Duntsh was a promising healthcare professional who was flourishing in neurosurgery.

However, things took a terrifying turn for the worse after freshly operated patients would leave the hospital either dead or permanently disabled.

Worse of all these were spinal operations, which hardly offered reconstructive surgery or physiotherapy that could help mend patients back to full health.

The terrifying series is also based on a true story.

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When asked if the malpractice storyline changed her view on visiting the doctors, AnnaSophia confessed: “Definitely, I feel more informed and a little bit more wary.”

“I would say definitely get recommendations before going to see a doctor, “ she added.

The series saw multiple patients relying upon and wholeheartedly trusting Dr Duntsch after the first appointments.

He would also eliminate any doubts and concerns by confidently telling them what they wanted to hear.

Speaking on the revelation she received from the series AnnaSophia said: “I think it just opened my eyes, it’s really hard to do the right thing when the odds are against you.”

Which was the case for her real-life character, Michelle Shughart, who had to strenuously build a case, even though there was evidence stacked against Dr Duntsch.

On her playing the prosecutor, AnnaSophia revealed: ”I was thrilled. I was also so excited because I’d never played a lawyer before.

“I was just excited to create that relationship and hear what it was like, building the case from her perspective,” she added.

The actress revealed she met the real-life Michelle Shughart in preparation for the role and disclosed: ”She’s just a really lovely person and I think this role, in particular, made me realise how much how enjoyable it is to play someone who I really respect.”

AnnaSophia added: “She had the confidence and this focus, she’s empowered.”

Eventually, Michelle Shughart’s efforts proved successful and Dr Chrispopher Duntsch was sentenced to life imprisonment for gross malpractice.

Dr Death season one is available to stream on Starz and Starzplay

source: express.co.uk