👊PLAYING ROLLING SKY STRIATE 11 Minutes + 2019 REVIEWS amazing one bros
Rolling Sky is an endless runner style game where you control a ball of different styles avoiding obstacles to reach the end of the course. I have had a ton of fun with these style games with my first experience being Minion Rush and I got so addicted that I had to force myself to not play the game again. And now once again I am addicted. Check out my thoughts below:
The objective of the game is to simply reach the end of the course. Although, this is not as easy as it sounds! It will take quite a few tries to get through some of these levels. With most levels you can simply get through just by failing and learning the track. With later tracks you will need to use precise manoeuvring of the ball. Through out each course you can also collect gems, which are placed around the course in usually tougher places such as a series of difficult jumps or they are placed close to an object.
There is surprisingly quite a lot of course to go through and each one has its own theme, such as Forest, Christmas and Illusion. The courses gradually get harder as you go along, with objects appearing in more tricky locations to avoid. When you first start out the things to avoid are simple walls etc, but as your get further through you will have to constantly move the ball to avoid pillars that pop up immediately in front of you. Rolling Sky does difficulty progression very well, and when you conquer a level it will leave you feeling triumphant! However next level everything will be different – colours, themes, objects, and suddenly lasers are firing at you?! This keeps you on your toes and you will increasingly get better at the game, no matter how many times it beats you down, you can’t beat the feeling of finally conquering a level!
The game features a limited continue option, which can be used when you fail during a level. This allows you to continue from the same spot. I tended to only use the continue when I was closer to finishing the level, say around 70% completion. You get around about 6, and these will somehow replenish themselves…don’t ask me how, I never worked it out!
Movement is obviously key in Rolling Sky . Your ball moves at a set speed, and to be able to jump over gaps you have to move the ball to the upcoming coloured tile which indicates it’s a jump pad. This will initiate the jump, but it’s your job to land the ball in the right place! There are two control schemes for the Nintendo Switch. The first is the motion controls, which lets you tilt the Switch device to the left and right when playing to direct the movement. The other option is to use the control stick instead. The movement is the only gripe I have with Rolling Sky ; sometimes when you use the motion control option, it feels like it isn’t registering very well, and it can be a bit trickier to use.
You’ll see that I’ve said the word ball a lot. You can use all kinds of balls; There is even a ball that I don’t know if you can call a ball, as it’s a bit of a robot ball. Some of these balls have special abilities. The ball that I played with the most was the robot ball, which had a special effect of getting a shield 50% of the time, allowing you an extra hit that would deplete the shield first instead of ending your turn. Unfortunately, the shield does not save you from falling off the course!
The graphics in Rolling Sky are simple, yet very effective. The way that the courses change lighting during play is absolutely amazing, and I actually replayed levels just so I could experience the visuals again. And don’t get me started on the music! It is actually amazing. It sounds awesome, and the way it transitions is so seamless. The music itself makes dying and restarting less painful as you get to listen to the great tunes again!
Rolling Sky is a superb game. I love the courses, the challenge, the music, and the themes! Okay, so I love the whole game. They have done such a good job at progressing the challenge as the levels go on, and the new themes for each level keeps the game feeling fresh and new each time.
This is a game that I will be playing for a very long time! The fact that it is on the Nintendo Switch only feeds on this. I would highly recommend giving it a go!
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