Cyberpunk 2077s Night City by Day is Transformed with Ads Mod 4K

CG writes: We have followed modder AK47OG’s Cyberpunk 2077 Blade Runner ads mod since it was first made available over at nexus mods. Since then he has worked tirelessly updating it which now rests at Arcadia Version 10. If you are not familiar, he has added new textures to buildings, replaced billboard adverts with more recognizable brands and generally transformed Night City. Even if some players feel they are done with this game, simply looking around Night City with this mod enabled is shall we say…breath-taking! We’re running the game at Ultra settings with ray tracing enabled and DLSS set to quality in 4K. The 1.3 game does look mint especially during the daytime which is a first for us as we normally make these videos set during the night.