Peacock's Terrifying The Toolbox Killer Trailer Will Give You Chills

You’ll never look at a hammer the same way again. 

All-new true crime special The Toolbox Killer slashes into Peacock on Thursday, Sept. 23, followed by its premiere on Oxygen on Sunday, October 3.

The two-hour event gives viewers behind-the-scenes access to serial killer Lawrence Bittaker‘s psyche. Known as “The Toolbox Killer,” Bittaker committed heinous crimes with a fatal spree in 1979 alongside his partner Roy Norris.

Bittaker remained silent about his crimes for 40 years until he met criminologist Laura Brand. Over the course of five years, Brand recorded her many conversations with Bittaker as he spoke from death row about his methods and motives.

The Toolbox Killer is Bittaker’s story in his own haunting words. It’s a real-life Mindhunter as we hear what exactly Bittaker was thinking during his murder streak. 

“I’ve never had any sadistic behavior,” Bittaker chillingly says in the teaser trailer.