Gardening: Expert shares top tips for a landscape garden that’s ‘constantly evolving’

To achieve a colourful display, Martyn advised choosing a range of shrubs.

“If you just choose evergreen and grasses, you have the same colour all year round, but by mixing plants of different colours you get a variety during the seasons, so the garden is constantly evolving,” he said. 

When choosing a tree which is guaranteed to provide colourful leaves, an Acer palmatum, or Japanese Maple, bears attractive vibrant leaves of yellow, green or burgundy. A Crab Apple tree is very low maintenance and bears colourful blossom and fruit.

New lawn

When considering laying new lawn, it’s a good idea to receive professional advice from a turfing supplier, as there are different types of grass which suit certain conditions, for example, Fescue grasses are good for shaded areas.