Dune reviews: 'Gorgeous next Lord of the Rings epic stuns but has its imperfections'

Entertainment Weekly
If you’re already knee-deep in Herbert mythology, you’ll thrill to every whispered word; if you come in not knowing the difference between a Holtzman shield and a hole in the floor, it’s a longer walk.

Hollywood Reporter
Part hero’s journey and part survival story, the film keeps throwing arcane details at you, which might thrill the Herbert geeks but will have most everyone else zoning out.

USA Today
Even with its imperfections, Dune as an experience is awesome, with astounding special effects, great production design and a propulsive Hans Zimmer score.

Den of Geek
The first good adaptation of Herbert’s psychedelic (and frequently opaque) musings comes at a moment where visual grandeur is in desperate need of something weird and thoughtful. Well, Dune is very weird. Blissfully so.

source: express.co.uk