'I'm so angry' Stacey Dooley fumes as she reports offensive incident to the police

Stacey Dooley, 34, was left furious after she encountered a highly offensive rant by a man on London’s Oxford Street, who was inciting hate by condemning gay people. The BBC star was beyond appalled as she told her 990,000 Instagram followers she was reporting the incident to the police and had video evidence.

In a series of black and white videos posted to her Instagram story, the journalist told fans she couldn’t believe what she had just seen and raged at the person’s entitlement.

“I’m so angry, my heart is racing,” she seethed, “so I’m going to try and articulate this in a coherent way.

“I’m walking down Oxford Street, there’s a guy on a microphone screaming at the top of his lungs, ‘If you’re a homosexual then you’re going to hell.'”

Stacey paused for a minute in complete disbelief, before continuing: “I cannot believe we are still having to put up with this hate speech in 2021. I videoed it and I will be reporting it.

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“He’s inciting hatred. Whenever you get these people asking these silly questions, ‘Why do we still need Pride?’

“This is why we still need Pride! Because we still have people who feel entitled to be standing on one of the busiest streets in the UK telling gay lads, lesbians, anyone whatever their sexual preference, that they’re going to hell…”

She attached a caption to the last video, which sent a very clear message.

Stacey penned: “And plssss don’t @ me, he’s entitled to his opinion… blah blah blah.”(sic)

“Hi, I hope you’re OK!” she greeted them, “I’ve not long finished work actually!

“I’ve been filming for DNA series two! I’m so delighted they recommissioned it because it did so well first time round.

“It’s such a lovely gig to work on,” she beamed as she went on to describe the “extraordinary people” who have taken part.

“I think you’re going to really love them, and be really rooting fo them,” she added before noting she’ll let everyone know when it’s being broadcast.

But her news didn’t end there, as she continued: “I’ve also wrapped last week a two-parter for BBC3, and there are other bit and bobs that I don’t think I can announce yet…”

Stacey trailed off as she poked fun at herself, saying: “That’s really annoying when people say, ‘I can’t say!’ I’m always like, ‘Give us a break!’ but… here I am!” she giggled.

“And then of course I start Hungry For It, our new food show which I am so up for!”

She described the new series as “brilliant”, equipped with “fabulous judges” and that she “really can’t wait” for fans to see it.

She concluded her late night message: “So, it’s all go, I’m just mindful I haven’t been very worky on here at the minute.

“But that’s what’s going on… should anyone be interested!” she signed off by wishing her followers a “lovely evening”.

source: express.co.uk