The simple ‘Apple’ logo of the tech giant has been named the most memorable by consumers

A study of 2,000 adults also found Amazon’s A-Z motif is now more recognisable than the golden arches of McDonald’s, and even Coca-Cola’s classic script logo.

Nike, eBay and Google all made the top 10 along with Adidas, Cadbury and the BBC.

Luxury car brand Audi was sixth in the rankings, with their four interlocking rings being deemed more memorable than the next highest-placed carmaker, BMW (11th).

Other highly placed logos included those of Shell, Twitter – and Playboy.

It also emerged the recognisability of a logo could influence the spending of consumers, as more than a quarter of adults (27 percent) said they are more likely to buy from a small business if they have a well-designed logo.

Emily Shirley, general manager of Vistaprint UK and Ireland, which commissioned the study, said: “A logo is much more than just the name of your product.

“If it’s well-designed and represents the brand well, that can subliminally reflect positively on the business owners or employees and direct consumer’s cash their way.

“Things like colour, size, font choice and shapes all have deep psychological effects on consumers, and it’s important that none of these are overlooked.

“Creating a logo that stands the test of time is an enormous accolade for any business, big or small, but creating a memorable logo should never be considered as unattainable for small businesses.”

The research also revealed how consumers feel about different types of logos – with blue logos deemed most ‘trustworthy’, and yellow the least.

One in three (36 percent) believe a logo helps visualise a brand’s identity, and 15 percent think you can get an estimate of a product’s quality, by the logo of its parent company.

The majority of adults polled don’t expect large companies to have better or more memorable logos than smaller ones, suggesting it’s an even playing field for businesses of any size.

Logos were also deemed more important for building trust and memories of a brand than advertising campaigns, the ‘brand story’ and even the packaging as a whole. 

For one in 10, getting the logo right would be ‘the highest priority’, if they were to set up their own small business.

Emily Shirley, from Vistaprint UK and Ireland, added: “Investing in high quality, custom design and consulting a professional is worth it because not only is a logo the face of your business and brand, it can also have a real impact on your bottom line.

“Through our global creative community at 99designs by Vistaprint, we make great design accessible to every small business.”

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1.           Apple

2.           Amazon

3.           Coca-Cola

4.           McDonalds

5.           Adidas

6.           Audi

7.           Nike

8.           Google

9.           BBC

10.         Cadbury

11.         BMW

12.         Disney

13.         Kellogg’s

14.         Facebook

15.         eBay

16.         Royal Mail

17.         Heinz

18.         British Airways

19.         Volkswagen

20.         Mercedes

21.         Shell

22.         Lloyds Bank

23.         Ferrari

24.         Chanel

25.         Paypal

26.         Lego

27.         Twitter

28.         Microsoft

29.         Playboy

30.         WhatsApp

31.         Costa

32.         YouTube

33.         Ikea

34.         Starbucks

35.         ITV

36.         Red Bull

37.         Air BnB

38.         Gucci

39.         Playstation

40.         Instagram

41.         Marmite

42.         Yorkshire Tea

43.         Harrods

44.         McVities

45.         Spotify

46.         Nintendo

47.         Xbox

48.         TikTok

49.         Pinterest

50.         LinkedIn



1.           Blue

2.           Red

3.           White

4.           Black

5.           Yellow

6.           Green

7.           Purple

8.           Orange

9.           Gold

10.         Silver