Woman loses 2st in 12 weeks after ‘hurtful comment’ – Michael Mosley’s diet ‘life changer'

“I have struggled with weight since I was about eight years old. My weight went up and down, but mostly up and was never stable. This carried on throughout my teens and early adulthood,” Karen explained.

“I tried every quack remedy – diet pills, acupuncture, meditation, bulking agents, special teas – you name it, I tried it. In 2009 after receiving a very hurtful comment from someone, I decided to go under the knife to sort the problem once and for all.”

Karen continued: “The comment in question was probably one of the less innocuous ones I had ever received, but it’s the one that lit the blue touch paper. 

“My husband, Phil and I had booked to see ‘The Big Ballet’, a Russian Ballet company but not one of the Ballerinas were under 15 stone.

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source: express.co.uk