Gamescom Awards 2021 winners announced

Christopher54m ago(Edited 47m ago)

***That’s a different measurement, that’s searches. ***

Search interest is way more meaningful sign of interest than one article being top on an aggregate for a day.

***Look at the weekly top stories on this site related to gamescom, its Horizon the release date and the update.***

Look at the footer for “Top Games,” which is monthly based, and it’s nothing about Horizon Forbidden West. One story on top doesn’t set the trend, all story activities do. Even if it was weekly, it wouldn’t place in the top 5.

Only 3 articles about Forbidden West this week, let alone the most recent before Gamescom was almost two months ago.

Even the biggest news item of the week is about Halo Infinite – 850 heat –… compared to the release date announcement for Forbidden West – 680 heat –…