'I understand' Dr Amir Khan addresses backlash sparked by show with Ruth Langsford

Outside of his TV work, Dr Amir works at a GP practice in Bradford and has released a new chapter of his bestselling book, The Doctor Will See You Now: The Highs and Lows of My Life as an NHS GP.

Threaded together with his trademark compassion and warmth, Dr Khan’s stories are as much about community and care as they are about blood tests, waiting times, or government coronavirus swab tests. 

The relationship between patient and GP is key to our health and to the NHS’s overall success, even if it’s just a 10-minute consultation.

As he cares for his patients, the book meets those who have taught him about love, loss, and family – from a pregnant woman about to give birth in the middle of the surgery, and a vulnerable child who will need continuous care, to the delicacy and tenderness required to help a family navigate the pain of a devastating loss. 

In the star’s heart-warming, unputdownable, access-all-areas account, now updated to chronicle his experiences of how the coronavirus pandemic tested a GP surgery, Dr Khan uncovers the very human experiences that connect us all.

source: express.co.uk