Daily horoscope for August 26: Your star sign reading, astrology and zodiac forecast

The Mercury-Pluto trine helps us discern matters and focus our minds, Cafe Astrology’s astrologers said.

The mystics’ prediction reads: “The potential is with us for profound insight, psychological understanding, awareness, and focused attention.

“We seek the hidden message and readily draw upon our powers of persuasion.

“Dealing with doubt and guilt today can help clear the path for opportunities. It’s a good time to devise strategies and make observations.

“We are exceptionally skilled at solving problems and getting to the bottom line.”

Mercury will be trining Pluto until Friday, so this curiosity, concentration and single-mindedness are here to stay for a couple of days, according to Astrology King.

The horoscope reads: “You can gain a thorough understanding of serious, mysterious, or troubling issues.

“This is a good weekly horoscope to resolve complex relationship problems because you can perceive at the non-verbal level.”

source: express.co.uk