Taliban will 'seek revenge' as 'they hold more grudges', warns ex-Afghanistan minister

Speaking on BBC Newsnight, Munera Yousufzada, Afghanistan’s former deputy defence minister, shared concerns for the women in the nation. “The Taliban have not changed, in fact they hold even more grudges,” she said.

“They will start to seek revenge and will continue to police women even more.

“The sacrifices of the international community and Afghan people will be lost.

“Afghanistan awaits bad days in the future.”

Last week, the Taliban entered the capital after the Afghan government collapsed, with a spokesman stating the Taliban plans on creating an “open, inclusive Islamic government”.

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Recalling when the militants were last in power two decades ago, girls were not allowed to receive education at schools.

Last time, women were also barred from working.

When the Taliban was ousted in 2001, women were finally allowed to attend university.

Early this year, 27 percent of the seats in the country’s Parliament were held by women.

source: express.co.uk