Jeff Hordley's wife Zoe Henry faces struggles at home after Emmerdale couple's 'time away'

Another Twitter user commented: “You’re not in your own with blight, I lost 9 plants, 5 left, keeping my fingers crossed these are ok, however my green toms are ripening nicely, hope yours do too.”

Zoe wrote back: “Oh no! It’s so upsetting after all that hard work and waiting. Seems theres lots of it about this year!”(sic)

A second fan said: “It all looks fantastic, think the dreaded blight has hit most this year, I lost all my outdoor toms a few weeks ago, so frustrating.”

Zoe then admitted: “To be fair, this is the first time we’ve ever had it, in 14 years of growing. Frustrating though!”

A third fan penned: “Ronald is super cute…I hope you have all enjoyed your break x.”