Get out! Spanish town hits out at tourists as mayor rages 'they can't handle it!'

A small Spanish coastal town in Asturias took to Twitter earlier this month to warn visiting tourists about the natural noises the village experiences from livestock and churches. It also warned tourists that if they “can’t handle” the noise to not visit the town.

Other complaints included the noise made by braying donkeys as well as cow pats found in the village.

Canal added that people visiting from urban areas need to “realise that milk does not come in cartons, the cows bring it and you have to feed and maintain them”.

In an interview with newspaper La Voz de Asturias, deputy mayor, Luis Sánchez, said: “To hear a rooster crowing at night is normal.

“If you come to a rural hotel, you have to be aware that it is rural and that this is daily life in the towns.”

Taking to Twitter to share their thoughts, users agreed with the poster campaign set out by the local council.

One person said: “Ribadesella is lovely. I spent a few days there last summer, if you’re going to visit then surely you know it’s the countryside and should expect the sounds!”

Another wrote: “It might be my new favourite place, good on them. Please stop going to places that seem cool and then try to get rid of what makes them cool.”

“One of my top destinations. There are noisy farms, roosters, donkeys and tractors but that’s what makes the place amazing,” commented a third.

A fourth said: “It has one of the most beautiful stretches in Spain, people need to stop ruining what the locals experience on a daily basis.”