Tom Clancys Rainbow Six Extraction Reveals Gameplay Trailer

Rachel_Alucard12m ago

Theres a big info dump on the game behind the scenes. Originally, this game was supposed to be some $40 spinoff. Then Ubisoft wanted this to become a AAA quality title with a campaign mode and more content and a $60 tag. Due to Covid last year, the campaign got scrapped as well as other things, and the only thing left was the extra operators and maps, yet the price was still $60. The entire game is just built to sell cosmetics and nothing else. Looking at Siege right now I think the skins are way over the top, but extraction goes even worse in this regard and turns the characters into that weird guy from tiktok with the lights in his mouth. The actual game is just very boring defend the point and repetitive objectives that are just chores to get coins to buy skins. There is no interesting gameplay to be had with this title, it’s just a tool for literally “extracting” money.