Our Yorkshire Farm's Amanda Owen issues warning to fans alongside new snaps of daughters

While Amanda and her family live on their rural farm, she admits that she does have some concerns about their way of life.

Speaking on Trees A Crowd podcast with David Oakes, Amanda said: “Every winter it snows, it’s nice. I mean for quite a lot of Britain now snow is a rarity, it’s a big thing, you get to see pictures on social media.

“Here you get snow proper and it blows about, you get dry snow, you get the wet show, if you can imagine, on this bank snow upon snow, that’s what it does.”

She continued: “We live in an exposed high place, we seem to have a little microclimate of our very own,”

“If you can imagine, I don’t fear the snow, if it’s well forecast I know it’s coming, we know what to do we know how to work with it.

“Snow in winter is to be expected, snow winter is kind of like comforting, it’s right.

“It’s like when the kids are swimming in a river in February I think that’s worrying.”

source: express.co.uk