One-year-old is found after missing for three nights in Russian forest – 'Everyone cried'

The young girl, ​​Lyuda Kuzina, wandered away from her mother in their home near the Russian city Obinsk, 100km (62mi) from Moscow. Three days after her disappearance the girl was found two and a half miles away from her home.

Around 500 people volunteered to search the dense forest for the 22-month-old.

The forest is known to be filled with wild animals including brown bears and wolves.

The young girl, who will turn two in the autumn, was found in an area with fallen trees surrounding her.

Upon finding her, volunteers called an ambulance to the edge of the forest where they carried the little girl.

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Lyuda, daughter of a nuclear physicist, stretched out her arms upon seeing her rescuers.

“Everyone cried – experienced and first time volunteers, local residents, everyone was sobbing,” the spokesman said.

“She was weak, bitten all over by insects, but most importantly she was alive,” he said.

The temperature in the forest was at an unusual temperature of 20C, which was in the child’s favour.

The disappearance occurred when her mother had gone to speak to a neighbour along with Lyuda’s older sibling.