100 year old WW2 pilot says UK and US should ‘crush Taliban enemy’ or not ‘get involved'

Those watching the interview at home took to Twitter to praise Colin. 

“What an amazing man, this is the attitude we all need… he doesnt look over 70 , Colin Bell I thank you for your service, we owe you so much,” someone said. 

Another added: “They dont make ’em like Colin Bell any more. 100 Yr old ex squadron leader looking age 70, and with a mind still as sharp as a tack. Recalling some great memories from his time as a pilot in WW2, incredibly interesting to hear.” 

“GMB What a wonderful man Colin Bell is. 100 years old former RAF Elite… Intelligent, articulate and charismatic. I’m sure he despairs at the state of the s**t state of the Country he risked his Life for in WW2. Thank you for your service,” a tweet read. 

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source: express.co.uk