Kate & William are 'united' as parents & don’t have specific 'roles' – unlike other royals

Body language expert Judi James has analysed Kate Middleton and Prince William’s roles as parents, looking at what techniques they have used – and continue to use – to raise their three children. The expert claimed that both Kate and William are “united” and “share” the tasks of being both mother and father.

According to Judi, Kate and William do not adhere to gender stereotypes and do not play specific roles when it comes to parenting.

Their parenting techniques are the same and they never have “different ideas” to how they should raise their children.

The body language expert said: “Although she and William are very hands-on with their small children in public, I have never seen one moment when they might have had different ideas as to how their children should be treated or dealt with.

“Their synchronicity signals are strong, making them appear united as parents.

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Judi noted that “Kate comes from a very tight, close family and she appears to have brought that sense of family bonding to her own husband and children”.

The Duchess of Cambridge is not afraid to bond with her children by playing with them and acting, at times, like a child herself.

The body language expert said: “Kate seems to combine her parent/child role with some moments when it looks more like child/child.

“She joins in the play and the fun with a sense of spontaneity and enthusiasm that reflects the state of her children more than that of an adult.

The body language expert explained: “Kate uses the technique of head closeness and signals of full attention with her children.

“Either holding them close to her face to talk and use non-verbal tie-signs when they are smaller, or bending right down to their height as they grow.

“This eye-attention and proximity should create feelings of self-confidence in her children as well as creating strong bonds of empathy.

“It helps her to tune in to her children’s emotions and thoughts and allows them to see that they are important and a priority, even when she is working.”

Judi added: “Even when she is in full regal mode, Kate prioritises her children and her style of communicating with them face-to-face.”

source: express.co.uk