How to Improve Your Mac’s Sound Quality

If you often enjoy listening to music on your Mac or working in music production, then you may have started to notice that your Mac’s sound quality is not as clear as you would like. In most cases, if you use Apple Music, then you should easily be able to tweak your sound settings very easily using the built-in equaliser and sound presets that are available. Moreover, you can always connect an external speaker or connect to an external monitor using a anc wireless earbuds for an even better sound output.

However, if you use other music streaming platforms like Spotify, then it may be tougher for you o improve your sound quality without the necessary Equalizer settings. Luckily, there are certain Equalizer apps that you can use to make these adjustments and improve your laptops sound quality. In fact, one of the best options that we can suggest is the eqMac app.  This app is an efficient and reliable equaliser sound adjuster that is easy to download and install.

Speaking from personal experience, we can absolutely guarantee an improved music audio experience. And while there are a number of alternative Equalizer apps that you can use, most of the others are not as easy-to-use as this one, which is what makes it so special. So, even if you have no experience adjusting sound control settings, or are fearing you may mess up your audio even more, you can relax. eqMac will help you make these adjustments without any stress and the best thing is that the app is completely free too!

How To Download The eqMac Application

The first step you need to take is to get your Mac set up on your workstation and connected to a power source. In fact, if you often spend most of your time on your desk working on music production video editing or any other type of work, then you should consider investing in a desk riser for laptop to help better position your Mac. Once everything is connected, you can head to the website and download the dmg file that is readily available.

Once downloaded, you can click on the dmg file and start the install process. When the process is complete, you should se the app’s icon in one of your Finder windows. You should then make sure that you drag that icon to your Applications folder, which should make the app always available on the Launchpad for easier access. You can then launch the application, which should give you security prompt. Click OK, and also allow for the installation of the eqMac’s audio driver. This will often require you to also input your admin password for the installation to continue. You will also need to grant the app access to your Mac’s microphone, so select OK and the process should be completed.

If you have any external music accessories that you use like speakers, headphones, microphones, then you can now connect them as well. As mentioned before, you are always better off to use an aluminum laptop stand, as it will not only provide you with better ergonomics while working, but it will also help keep your workspace organized while doing so.


How To Use eqMac To Improve Sound?

This is where things get interesting. Once you open the application, the first thing you will be greeted by is the “Basic Equalizer” window. This is normally set up on “Flat” as a basic setting, which means that no changes have been made to the EQ settings of your Mac. From here, you will be able to make a few adjustments to the sound quality by tweaking the virtual knobs that will allow you to change the levels of your Bass, Treble, etc.

On the other hand, if you have experience dealing with such settings and need something more in-depth, you can even go so far as to adjust your Mac’s audio frequencies. Moreover, the app provides presets that come based off different music genres. You only need to head to “Advanced Equalizer,” where you will be able to make any relevant tweaks to suit your personal preferences. You can even import presets in the app if you aren’t fully confident of the changes you need to make. Just select the gear icon that is located next to “Advanced Equalizer”, scroll down the prompt and click on “Import Presets.”

In fact, this is one of the main features that actually makes it such a fantastic choice for many users out there. Professional users are able to boost the sound quality to effectively suit their needs, whilst those beginners who don’t have much experience in making sound adjustments can simply import a music preset that suits their type of sound output.

Also, you should always keep in mind that if you are constantly on the move and tend to work remotely, make sure to get yourself a waterproof laptop sleeve to protect your Mac from damage. After all, tweaking your sound settings won’t matter much, if you accidentally end up dropping your Mac or spilling water on it and end up damaging your internal speakers or microphone!