Dev Laments Poor 'G String' Half-Life 2 Mod Sales

instantstupor1h ago(Edited 1h ago)

As much as I read about games, I had never heard of this. Ignoring that, I can’t help but feel that “G String” was a poor choice of title. I think most hear a name like that and assume it’s some kind of adult game. Problem being, it isn’t going to satisfy those looking for that kind of experience, and it misleads the average gamer who might otherwise be interested in a core game like this.

Also just read this on the game page:
“The game is now being improved upon over the course of a few years with a series of updates named after bra cup sizes. Right now we are at the B-Cup size.”

What an odd choice of titles this developer has chosen for their game and updates, given the type of experience they appear to have created.

Still, bummer it didn’t work out for them.