'Hands-off': Kate Middleton’s parenting with George increases his 'feelings of importance'

In the last year or so, Kate and William have shared videos into their family life, with their anniversary video showing the Cambridge’s having fun on a beach.

At the time, Ivy Rudd, parenting expert and owner of The Rocking Horse Toy shop, explained: “Looking at the video, we can instantly feel the closeness within the family of William and Kate.

“William and Kate have truly broken tradition and bring the family into a new era when they show affection to their children in front of the cameras so naturally.

“This is because of their view on creating bonds with the children right from their first day of birth.”

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Speaking to Express.co.uk, body language expert Judi James explained that the Duke and Duchess’ body language appeared to be “boosting their eldest son George’s existing confidence and sense of status within the family”.

She added: “There are also hints that they are building his social confidence in preparation for his future role as King.

“Royal appearances frequently involve standing on balconies looking down at large crowds and although the crowd wasn’t there to royal-watch at the Euros final, it would have been a great way to build inner confidence via gradual familiarity with the role.

“Many parents tend to hover or watch anxiously once the body language ‘stabilisers’ begin to be removed in this way but Kate and William appeared to provide a relaxed hands-off approach, standing back and only moving forward and inward to provide information or a few words of chat.

Modern norms have allowed the Cambridge’s to be more natural around their children.

The expert explained: “Kate and William tended to approach their son rather than the other way around and again this will help increase his feelings of importance and confidence.

“William bends to his son to give information about the game and his pointing gestures suggest guidance. 

“Kate also bends to speak to George, who keeps his eyes on the pitch in front.”

source: express.co.uk