Team GB super-heavyweight Frazer Clarke fight abandoned after suffering gruesome cut

“It’s not the fairytale I wanted, but I’m proud of myself, it was a great effort,” he said.

“The last six months of my life I made more sacrifices than IK’ve made in the last 18 years when it comes to boxing.

“Getting in there with one of the best was a pleasure for me.

“I’m gutted I didn’t do more, maybe I could have carried the gameplan out better, but I’m proud of myself and proud of the whole team. I’m an Olympic bronze medalist, I could never have seen that for myself.

“Congratulations to Jalolov, he’s unbeaten in how long.

“I gave my best, I’ll be able to sleep at night. I’m healthy, my family is healthy, I’ve been to the Olympic Games, I can’t ask for no more.”