'Extraordinary shape bicycles!' Team GB launch new 'radical' aerodynamic Lotus bike

Speaking to BBC, the six time Olympic champion outlined how Team GB’s new ‘Lotus’ bike is as “radical as it says” and could be a game changer for the team. He explained how the design is based on optimising the aerodynamics of the bike and the rider where the position of the forks means they’re directly in front of the rider’s knees, helping air to flow around the rider to get them round the track in breakneck speed and hopefully set Team GB above the rest of the competition.

Mr Hoy told BBC News: “Aerodynamics is such an important part of cycling.

“You’ve got two ways you can go faster, you can either produce more power as an athlete or you can reduce your resistive forces that are pushing against you.

“You’re trying to make yourself as small and slippery as possible.

“Undertstanding how to do that and understanding the dynamic of the team pursuit where you’ve got four riders who are all peddling…

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“It’s not like a static object that you can stick in a wind tunnel and say, ‘that bike is superaero’.

“It’s about how objects move and interact with each other.”

He explained: “Other countries are really starting to get to grips with that too.

“When one country raises the bar, the information and knowledge filters to other countries too.”

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Canada were leading the way in the men’s team pursuit qualifying with a time of 3:50.455.

But Denmark have just blown that out the water with 3:45.014, this is a new Olympic record.

That smashes the 3:50.265 Great Britain set when they won gold in Rio in 2016.

Elsewhere, Team GB’s Laura Muir eases through in 1500m heats while Beth Dobbin is into the 200m semi-finals.

There are 22 gold medal events on Monday.

source: express.co.uk