Dick Strawbridge plans to ‘slow down’ after ‘working a** off’ for Escape to the Chateau

“We’ve got 12 acres and if you look over here, this is the start of our land, there’s a little wood, that is an Orangery – an Orangery is somewhere you put your citrus plants during the winter,” Dick showed fans. 

“You can see the water around the Chateau – it’s a moat. 

“There’s been a castle here since the 12th century, the Chateau only dates back until 1868 – it’s gorgeous. 

“The building in the trees – we’ve got a rule over there which is a pigsty, it’s also all the outbuildings, we’ve got stables, we’ve got barns, absolutely phenomenal. 

“The 12 acres we have are woods, grass, but the most exciting thing for us – for me, Angela loves the house – is the walled garden. 

source: express.co.uk