Gardeners’ World: Nick Bailey warns Britons of ‘devastating’ plant disease with ‘no cure’

“You’ll get about 120 different species that can be affected by the disease,” she added.

Unfortunately, there’s “not much you can do about it” either.

Dr Schlenzig warned: “As soon as you notice it you should remove the plant.

“If you can, burn it in your garden. If you can’t, put it in the bin.

“Don’t put it onto your compost heap because you would spread the disease all over the garden when you use the compost because it doesn’t reach the temperature that are necessary to kill the spores.”

Nick said the disease has spread to conifers like Japanese larch.

Since it was first discovered in 2002, it has been found right across the UK.

Some of the first signs of the disease, especially in large trees is yellowing foliage.