Australia Covid live update: NSW records 239 new cases as Queensland reports nine on first full day of lockdown

Of those 10 positive cases who were fully vaccinated, none of them were hospitalised. All were either completely without symptoms or have mild symptoms. Of the locally acquired cases in this analysis who were hospitalised, one was in the 90s, had had one vaccine dose, one in their 80s unvaccinated, one in their 60s unventilated, three in the 50s, and a one unvaccinated. One in their 40s unvaccinated, one in their 30s unvaccinated and two in their 20s who were unvaccinated.

Of the 204 cases analysed, 29 had been eligible to be vaccinated but hadn’t yet received a single dose of the vaccine.

We know this vaccine works. We know not everyone is yet eligible but to emphasise, for those currently eligible, and the 29 of the 204 who had that status in our most recent outbreak, it really is an additional protection to go out and get one vaccine and certainly to complete that vaccine schedule. We know it reduces your risk of getting Covid-19 especially of getting very sick from Covid-19. It is increasingly compelling evidence from around the world where hundreds of millions, indeed, billions of vaccines have been given globally.

For example in the US, 163.9 million individuals are fully vaccinated. There had been 1,263 breakthrough deaths, so deaths occurring in people fully vaccinated. That is around one per 130,000 individuals so if you are fully vaccinated individual, your risk of dying from Covid-19 becomes exceedingly rare.