Katie Thurston Claps Back At Critic Of Her Lingerie Pic: ‘I Celebrate’ My Body

‘The Bachelorette’ star Katie Thurston had a bunch of perfect responses to haters who admonished her for posting a sexy photo, where she posed in lingerie.

You can’t bring Katie Thurston, 30, down! The Bachelorette posted a sultry photo, where she posed in gorgeous black lingerie on Friday July 30. Check out the sultry photo on her Instagram here! Unfortunately, a few haters piled on and criticized Katie for sharing the revealing photo, but the reality star had hilarious and snarky responses that immediately shut the critics down.

Katie posted a sexy photo on Friday. (ABC/Andrew Eccles)

While there were a few detractors, most of the comments on Katie’s post were overwhelmingly positive, with all sorts of people hyping her up and complimenting how great she looks in the photo! Of course, Katie had perfect responses to people that felt like she should cover up. One person told her to “save” the sexy photos for her future husband. She pointed out that she merely showed off her torso, which could be seen if she went somewhere in a bathing suit. “Should I also avoid swimming pools and beaches? I’m not ashamed of my body. I celebrate it,” she clapped back. Another person wrote, “Someone did not find a husband.” The Bachelorette star corrected them and said that the reality show doesn’t always end in marriage. “There typically isn’t a wedding at the end,” she wrote.

Katie’s sarcastic response to a commenter. (Screenshot)
Katie corrected trolls who criticized her. (Screenshot)

Katie had plenty of great responses to her critics. One person told her that she’s a “role model” and similarly told the actress to keep her lingerie to herself. “Save that for the bedroom. Young girls are looking up to you,” the person commented. Katie snapped back and pointed out how it wouldn’t matter if she had posted the same photo, but she was wearing a bathing suit at a beach instead of in her bedroom. “Women can love and embrace their bodies however they’d like. Not be ashamed of them,”  Katie wrote. She also had a hilarious response when someone warned that “People can use this against” the star. “I hope I don’t get blackmailed by my torso,” she said.

Kate’s response to someone telling her to take the photo down. (Screenshot)
Katie got snarky when trolls attacked her pic. (Screenshot)

Luckily, it didn’t seem like Katie let the haters get her down. Katie was announced as The Bachelorette for season 17 of the iconic show in March. She was set to star after she appeared as a contestant during season 25 of The Bachelor, when Matt James was the star. There are two episodes left to air in the season, plus the “After The Final Rose” special. Katie rocked a green dress for the “Men Tell All” special on July 26. It’s been an incredibly exciting season of the show.

source: hollywoodlife.com