Virgin River creator exposes hidden book Easter egg in Netflix series – did you notice?

Robyn Carr has taken to her Instagram account to point out an exciting Easter egg you may have missed from the most recent season of Virgin River. Fans of the series will no doubt be rushing back to Netflix to try and spot the hidden detail.

The third season of Virgin River has finally been released on Netflix and Robyn Carr has pointed out an exciting hidden detail.

The writer of the original series began the love story between Jack Sheridan (played by Martin Henderson) and Mel Monroe (Alexandra Breckenridge) back in 2007.

Her long-running small town saga is now 22 books long, and has since pulled in a number of other characters across generations.

Carr recently took to Instagram and confirmed a copy of the 11th book in the series, Moonlight Road, made an appearance in season three.

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She captioned her new post: “If you’ve watched the @netflix Virgin River Series season 3, did you notice the copy of MOONLIGHT ROAD on Lilly’s coffee table?

“MOONLIGHT ROAD is book #11 in the Virgin River Series, the story of Aiden Riordon and Erin Foley. Have you read their story?”

Viewers and devout readers alike were naturally thrilled to see the show pay tribute to the source material.

“I did notice!” replied one Instagram user. “And I did read it. Love the book series so much!”

Although Netflix’s small screen adaptation has yet to introduce Aiden and Erin, it’s hoped the popular drama will continue long enough to include the rest of the novels’ storylines.

However, the live-action translation of the original collection has already diverged from Carr’s story, so anything could happen in the upcoming fourth season.

Netflix have yet to confirm if another instalment is on the way, but the cast are already preparing to return to filming.

There is still plenty left to explore in Jack and Mel’s relationship, and fans still don’t know the true identity of Jack’s killer.

Now the series has made an explicit reference to the original books, this could be a sign that more of Carr’s plot lines could make it into season four and beyond.

The writer took a hiatus from the series in 2012, but returned to Virgin River last year with a long-awaited follow-up, Return to Virgin River.

Unfortunately, she has yet to announce any plans to return to the series with a new book as of yet.

Virgin River season 3 is available to stream on Netflix.