How often to wash your bedding in summer – experts reveal why you're doing it wrong

What’s the worst that can happen?

Dr Chun Tang from Pall Mall medical warns of the dangers of not washing your bedsheets enough, saying people should envisage their sheets as a sponge able to absorb “old makeup, dirt and body secretions, night after night”.

Dr Tang added: “When sleeping on unclean bedsheets, it’s common to experience skin redness, irritation and breakouts.

“Dust mite droppings, a common associated risk of unclean bedding, can also worsen asthma symptoms and trigger eczema flare ups.”

In addition, any sores or wounds you may have could become even more infected if they’re to come in contact with dirty bedding.

Dr Tang said: “This infection can worsen or spread, leading to more serious health complications and infections including sepsis and cellulitis.”