Jeremy Clarkson breaks silence on farm show news after fans' demands to Amazon

“But, I’ve had my farm for a long time, 12 or 13 years and local chaps have been doing it.

“There’s bound to be [concerns] but what difference does it make whether I’m doing it or somebody else? I am trying my hardest.”

His co-star Kaleb added: “When he first started there was a lot of talk with the farmers, I’m very good friends with them all.

“They were like, ‘Oh God, here we go’ the one thing they have always said is Jeremy has always had an interest in farming, ever since [he] first bought the farm.

“He’s not the type of person who buys a bit of land, you take a contract on and you go and do it and you never see him.

“Jeremy is out there walking the farming going, ‘How are you doing this week? How is the wheat? How is the barley?’

The ex Top Gear star added he now gets on with his fellow Chipping Norton residents.