Dan Walker issues apology over BBC Breakfast blunder 'All sorts of issues

BBC Breakfast faced some problems on Tuesday’s show as the clock which usually remains in the left corner of the screen wasn’t appearing, and remained absent for the entire programme. Dan Walker, presenting with Louise Minchin, apologised on Wednesday morning to BBC viewers who suffered “all sorts of issues” as a result as he pointed out luckily, the clock was back on the show.

After a small microphone issue at the end of Nina Warhurst’s live report from Liverpool, Dan took the opportunity to say sorry for the previous episode’s disorder.

“By the way, talking technicals, the clock’s back,” he commented.

Co-host Louise Minchin added: “Yes, look what’s back! Just by my foot.”

“We spent the entire day without the clock yesterday, which caused all sorts of issues, and thank you for all your messages,” Dan continued.

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“The clock is back!” One viewer said on Twitter. Responding to a post by Louise, another wrote: “Morning guys clock gate over about time beautiful dress Louise stay cool.”

“Morning, nice to see the time stamp back,” a third replied. Someone else posted to say: “Yay for the clock #clockisback.”

Another added: “Morning, glad the clock is back,” while one more echoed: “lol @BBCBreakfast you have a clock today! #BBCBreakfast.”

Amid the mayhem yesterday, Dan even took to Twitter to call for help from his BBC colleague Zoe Ball.

The broadcaster tweeted: “We’ve lost our onscreen clock Zoe and it’s causing havoc. Have you got a spare one at @BBCRadio2?”

Earlier on Wednesday, Louise also took to Twitter to inform viewers of the good news ahead of Wednesday’s show.

She penned: “Morning, another hot day today and we have lots of tips about how to cope in the heat, for you and your pets and also how to stay safe in cold water. #BBCBreakfast oh and the clock is back thank goodness.”

BBC Breakfast airs daily at 6am on BBC One.

source: express.co.uk