Drivers may be fined £5,000 and given a 12-month ban for using stress and anxiety medicine

Experts at USwitch warn herbal remedies such as CBD and Rescue Remedy could land road users in big trouble even though the substances are completely legal. Although herbal remedies are not a proper drug, they can still make road users drowsy and unaware of their surroundings.

This could put your THC rates over the limit and risks being issued penalties for drug driving.

In another warning to road users, popular herbal medicine Rescue Remedy does contain small doses of alcohol.

One dose of Rescue Remedy contains around 10ml of beer or around a couple of teaspoons.

This means it is generally safe to take the medicine unless you are on the edge of crossing the legal limit.

He said: “​​Although substances like CBD and Rescue Remedy are legal and some users swear by their effects, they can lead to danger on the road.

“It is technically legal to drive when using the suggested dosage, but we do not recommend it.

“These substances can lead to slower reaction times, which can put you and other drivers in danger.

“The potential consequences are not worth it, whether it leads to some sort of accident or if it leads to the police issuing a penalty.

“We think it is best to use these substances when you are not needed to operate a vehicle.”