DEAL OF THE DAY: The ‘magic’ cooling blanket that keeps you ‘cool all night’ is on sale

Although reviewers are calling this blanket ‘magic’ the technology behind it isn’t witchcraft, it’s the power of Japanese Arc-chill Q-Max 0.34 fibres cooling fabric. The innovative fabric keeps you cool by absorbing body heat, reducing your body temperature by somewhere between two and five degrees.

Buy: Amazon £24.64

The blanket is double-sided, with one side using the Japanese cooling fabric we mentioned above, and the other side made of 100 percent breathable bamboo fibres that will keep you warm during the cooler months.

One reviewer said of the two sides: “The smoother side is very cooling – perfect for when I’m feeling hot.

“And the fuzzy side is warming – giving instant satisfaction when I’m feeling cold”.

Buy: Amazon £24.64

Usually retailing for £28.99, the Marchpower cooling blanket is currently on sale for £24.64, saving you £4.35.

Many of the reviewers were from people going through menopause who are struggling with hot flushes.

One reviewer said, “recently my mum has been getting hot flushes at night, thought it would be a perfect blanket for her to use. It is a very soft material and keeps her cool throughout the night”.

If you have been struggling to stay asleep throughout the night, this blanket will ensure your body remains at a comfortable temperature and can get a good, long sleep.

One reviewer who had been struggling to sleep during a heatwave said “I had been struggling to sleep through the night but now I can” thanks to the blanket.

The lightweight blanket is washing machine friendly, and the bamboo fabric is anti-bacterial and mite resistant – which is perfect for sensitive skin.

You can pick up one of these ‘magic’ cooling blankets while they’re still on sale on Amazon here.