Uprising: Steve McQueen opens up on why BBC series is ‘personal for me’

Sadly, the fire at New Cross killed 13 young black British people, which ignited an uprising across the Black British community.

Following the fire, the New Cross Massacre Action Committee (NCMAC) was set up and ran by John La Rose.

They organised a ‘Black People’s Day of Action’ in March of 1981, which saw 20,000 people march through London for over eight hours demanding something be done following the event.

Between the years of 1981 to 2004, two inquests recorded open verdicts, with all the transpired events being covered across the three-part documentary series.

During a recent Q&A ahead of the launch of the series, McQueen opened up about the events of 1981 and shared his insight on the series.

source: express.co.uk