Jeff Bezos ridiculed as Elon Musk laughs at meme mocking Blue Origin's upcoming launch

In the first panel, Mr Bezos proudly announces he is going to space.

An amused Mr Musk responds to the news by asking: “Orbital, right?”

After Mr Bezos fails to acknowledge this in the next panel, the meme concludes with a worried-looking Mr Musk asking again: “Orbital, right?”

The meme points out in no uncertain terms that Blue Origin’s first crewed flight will not hit orbital space.

Instead, Blue Origin will carry its crew of four astronauts past the edge of space – the so-called Karman line – before bringing the crewed capsule back down to Earth.

The crew will include Mr Bezos, his brother Mark, 18-year-old Oliver Daemen, and trailblazer pilot Wally Funk.

The Blue Origin crew will not enter a stable orbit and will not circle the planet